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Dear fellows...these all items list below is currently out of stock...Please note that the availability of the item will be announce later...Thanks
Baby animals are so cute - and so much fun to count! Children will delight to find their favorite babies running wild, flying high, and swimming all over the Precious Planet.Fun-to-feel textures, peek-a-boo flaps, a love-to-shake rattle and many thrilling crinkle soundsinvite babies and tots to explore, helping them develop important motor skills.

My First Picture Maker was designed for the youngest of mosaic artists. This magnetic mosaics kit allows kids ages four and up to create sparkling mosaics pictures through matching.
There's four different ways to match the colourful foam pieces to the design cards. Kit includes 20 fun designs or kids can use the 300 magnetic tiles to create their own works of art.
My First Picture Maker has a 30.5cm (12") square playing surface. A great introduction to the colourful world of mosaic pictures!

The latest 6 in 1 mini solar energy assembly of educational toy is a toy for children 39 parts can be assembled out of six models, including the spacecraft,windmill,car,dog and two airplane. These models can be either drive in the sun using solar energy or also can used battery. Children can compared two different methods of learning to drive theory and the role of solar energy, small foster awareness.
Recommended for children ages 10 and up

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