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Art, Craft and Hobbies

Magnetic Mosaics

My First Picture Maker was designed for the youngest of mosaic artists. This magnetic mosaics kit allows kids ages four and up to create sparkling mosaics pictures through matching.

There's four different ways to match the colourful foam pieces to the design cards. Kit includes 20 fun designs or kids can use the 300 magnetic tiles to create their own works of art.

Kids love the surprise of watching a colorful sea-horse or parrot mysteriously emerge from the black and white number:ed templates. Use any of the 20 fun designs or create your own mosaic masterpieces. The 1/2" magnetic foam cubes are easy to handle, and the large easel can be flipped into either portrait or landscape orientations.

Sticky Mosaics

Showcase a special memory in this sparkling frame! Follow a numbered legend and add sparkling jewels and tiles to create a colorful Picture Perfect frame. This frame will brighten up any little girls’ bedroom and is sure to be used for years to come.

Contents 1 picture frame (4x6 photo) 300+ sparkling tiles and jewel pieces

It's a heart, it's sparkly, and it's a jewelry box--what's not to love! This award-winning mosaic-by-number kit lets your little girl decorate her own beautiful box with over 500 sparkly 'gems' in a rainbow of colors and nine sizes/shapes. She'll just peel and stick each number-coded 'jewel' to the numbered patterns on the box's top and all around the sides to create colorful, intricate patterns that catch the light. This Sticky Mosaics kit's Heart Box has a mirror inside the lid, and it's finished with soft felt lining. It's a treasure chest for all of her treasures, and she gets to decorate it herself!

and many more exciting art and craft product.....

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